We not Just Make Researches, We Create Dreams !

Research & Development

Rakun is established as a research & development company. Rakun is making several researches and developments on many markets and technologies when it provides professional IT services. We are developing several human focused projects and technologies with highly concentrated team.

R&D Services

As a Rakun Technology, we are capable professionally at IT systems, networking systems, servers and bounded applications, infrastructure technologies, energy, advanced technology and advanced machine applications, 3D printers and sensor systems. With these capabilities, we are supporting many research and development processes. We provide R&D Consulting, R&D Project Management and Business Applications.

Research & Development Consulting

R&D Projections and Controlling

Business Development and Performance Appliances

R&D Outsourcing System


Rakun is the first integrator of research and development outsourcing strategy at Turkey and Middle-East. With R&D Outsourcing, Rakun can work on your products, projects and ideas about research and development and finish all the R&D processes itself. When you sit on your office, Rakun can work on projects that can improve your products or projects. This strategy reduces R&D expenses and efforts to create effective projects and products for your company’s future.

Our Ongoing R&Ds

Collaboration on R&D

ThinCloud Network Client Project


ThinCloud is the first network thinclient focused network client project at Turkey. This is a virtualization on network with client appliances project. RakunR&D Team is working on this projects nowadays.

ShareMySensor Sensor Datum Sharing Platform


Sharemysensor is a sensor sharing platform and PaaS structured web application to share, analyze and see worldwide shared sensor datum. Rakun R&D Team is working on this project nowadays. You can find information about this project at sharemysensor.com.

Rakun National Server Project for Turkey


“Rakunserver” is a Turkish Server System. This project is the first national server manufacturing project at Turkey. It will be ready on 2018 with standart version and storage version.

3dappstore Unified 3D Printing Project


3dappstore is the unique project to create a platform that can gives people one touch 3D printing ability with its creative and complex communication system. With 3dappstore, you can print everything without any engineering knowledge on 3D printers. Rakun R&D Team is working on that, wait for it.

Rakun is a company that aware of brainstorming and collaboration power on projects. For this vision, Rakun created “Rakunation” collaboration system on your projects. I fyou have an R&D projects, let’s do it together. You are at the right place where the research and development starts. Contact us and start collaboration on your projects with Rakun.