HP & Dell Server Systems

Rakun is professional on server systems especially like Dell & HP. Rakun provides server sales, implementation, control and after-care services.

Network Services

We provide networking, network planning, implementation, cabling and finishing processes services to our customers.

Security Applications

Rakun provides security applications, firewalls and security devices to control and secure your business ares with node-to-node profession.

Virtualization Solutions

Rakun is professional at virtualization services on servers, clients, applications and remote-server systems. We provide developing and implementation services.

Data Security Solutions

Rakun provides the further technology solutions to customers to secure business datum and platforms to get secure applications.

Storage Solutions

We provide detailed and modular storage systems, administration systems for  storages and remote services and servers for our customers.

Datacenter Construction

Rakun has the first and only all-in-one datacenter construction services at Turkey and we provide advanced datacenter services.

Business IT Consulting

If you need an IT consulting and 7×24 computer-care services with talended professionals for your company, you can call Rakun.